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Intense political discussion on Facebook led me to think about the exhausting aspects of punk and hardcore “fests” and the More Than Music Fest in Columbus. So I typed in my old bands name and More than Music and low and behold. A video of when we played in 2000. Now be forewarned. When the title of the video says (Messy) is messy.

Orchid always played on the floor. We hated playing on stages. A combination of the idea of we are all one and we are no different from you ideals AND I think we were all kind of scared of being on a stage by our lonesome. That second half is also why I played with my back to the audience. Both to protect my gear and because of a LOT of fear on my end.

The venue for More Than Music was a HUGE hall with a giant stage. So to combat that, we invited anyone who wanted to, to come up on the stage. Both a great and awful idea. It was a mess, and even more so than usual, people pushing me out of the way and stepping on my cords and pushing my amp to get to our singer. Such is the way. But glad this show was documented.

Also if I remember correctly, someone from a band we were with (i shall not name names) really wanted to “tar and feather” Bright Eyes who were also playing that show. Just because we thought he kind of sucked. Luckily that did not come to fruition. It would have been a bad scene.

Well that was a fun procrastination from doing stuff I should be doing. Much like all of the internet. And we come full circle.

The other day a student asked me what my favorite sketch was. I said “The Philosophers Football Match” by Monty Python. Upon further reflection I have realized that “Mr. Belevedere Fan Club” might be my favorite sketch ever. Weird reference, long dark speeches, strange specifics, straight man who goes along with the insanity, Tom hanks and a stupid ending. And I talk about it too much in sketch notes. Or not enough.

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Ritual Mess LP and Orchid LP

Got my copies of the Ritual Mess “Vile Art” lp (first record I have put out for reals in 5 or 6 years) and the Orchid “Totality” lp (compilation of all non LP songs). Got to say they sound pretty damn good. Especially that Ritual Mess record. Pretty proud of that thing. So grab it. The lp bundles are sold out. But you can still grab copies of the regular LP

Also FYI I didn’t realize, but the LP’s come with download codes for the mp3s of the record. So if you are some idiot who doesn’t “buy records anymore” because you “grew up” and aren’t “drowning in records like I am” then you still have no excuse. Replace that U2 record with a Ritual Mess record.

I feel like most of life is a nightmare," Wareheim says. "You have a couple friends and a couple beautiful moments, but everything else … and this show kind of embraces those moments of, like, ‘I cannot believe that this is really happening.’

—Eric Wareheim telling it like it is on NPR

Dear Wheel of Fortune fuck ups. You are the wind beneath my wings!

I just listened to Robin Gibb “Like A Fool” 8 times in a row driving home. Don’t let the metal shirts fool you. I’m a Gibbhead!

I mean…I can’t be angry at you YouTube. You know me too well.

I mean…I can’t be angry at you YouTube. You know me too well.